Retirement Protection through Disability Insurance

One of the greatest fears your clients have is the possibility of outliving their retirement money. People rely on social security, annuities, 401(k), IRA and similar plans to help mitigate this risk. We know that social security funds are dwindling with the baby boomers reaching retirement age, so saving is the proactive planning option. But what would happen if your clients were to slip and fall and need to browse our selection of Care essentials equipment to help them recover from the injury, or become ill to the point that they could no longer earn money to fund these types of plans?  If your clients become disabled, eventually they would no longer be able to work nor receive an income.  Their regular 401(k) contributions would cease, and they may find it impossible to afford their annuity plan, causing your clients to struggle to financially survive today as well as into their retirement years.

Moreover, individuals facing challenges related to mis-sold pension schemes may find themselves in a particularly vulnerable position. The repercussions of such issues can compound the financial strain, affecting both current and future financial stability. Seeking mis sold pension compensation becomes crucial in these situations, offering a means to rectify financial injustices and regain control over one’s retirement plans. Regardless of disability status, addressing mis-sold pension concerns becomes a proactive step in preserving financial health and ensuring that clients can confidently pursue their retirement goals without undue financial burdens.

The only solutions to this plausible economic catastrophe are:

  1. To be independently wealthy with multi-millions in net worth or inheritance, or
  2. To have income sufficiently covered with ample amounts of group and/or individual disability insurances.  Since most clients

Disability income insurance is one of the greatest retirement planning tools.  Without the protection of a comprehensive disability insurance package, your client stands to lose the ability to effectively accumulate wealth and savings for use in the later years of life.  Over the last several decades, life expectancy has increased in the United States creating a greater need for proper savings safeguards like disability insurance.

ISSUE Insurance can assist you in protecting the wealth of your clientele, and help you better plan for their futures.