Symetra: GoodLife Rewards (A great underwriting advantage for a great GUL)

What is “Symetra GoodLife Rewards”?
Symetra GoodLife Rewards is an underwriting crediting program designed to reward your age 70 or younger clients for their good health by upgrading them to better underwriting classes – up to Preferred Non-Nicotine – and using credits to offset table ratings – up to three tables.

How does it work?
During the underwriting process, the Symetra underwriter will gather information from medical records around certain lifestyle factors and medical tests, and then score each one. The total score can then be used for purposes of improving the underwriting class or offsetting the table rating.

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We are rewarding your clients for their good health by granting credits against their health impairment ratings, resulting in better underwriting rate classes. Read more.

Symetra GoodLife Rewards Program yields a 20% reduction in client’s annual premiums. Learn more.