Banner Life Underwriting Improvements

Banner Life\’s underwriting team is always looking for ways to responsibly improve risk evaluation. We are excited to announce the following changes:

Marijuana use consideration for non-tobacco rate classes

Previously, with any Marijuana use our best offer was Preferred Tobacco rates. We review the overall unique medical context of each applicant and can now consider:

  • Preferred Plus NT for very infrequent use of 1-2x per year
  • Standard Plus NT for recreational use up to 8x per month
  • More frequent use will be reviewed for individual consideration

Please keep in mind, these are best case ratings and do not include other medical conditions or histories which will be taken into consideration. With these changes we’re introducing Marijuana screening to our urine test panel. For those who test positive, a delay of a few days may be expected while a confirmation second screening using existing blood work is conducted. No reconsiderations will be made on previous cases.

Have a case in mind? Contact your ISSUE Relationship Manager to see which of our carriers may be the best fit for your client\’s needs.