Accordia Life: A Great Approach to Lifetime Guarantees (Death Benefit & Flexibility)

Accordia Life’s Lifetime Foundation IUL features an innovative combination of death benefit guarantees: an Initial Death Benefit Guarantee that ranges from 5-30 years depending on issue age, and an Extended Death Benefit Guarantee for 50% of the face amount to age 121, assuming the cumulative minimum premium test has been met.

Since Lifetime Foundation launched in March some of you have expressed a desire for increased flexibility when illustrating Lifetime Foundation in competitive scenarios. We have listened to your feedback and responded! Effective July 1, a new solve function was added to Lifetime Foundation that will provide the increased functionality in illustrating Lifetime Foundation that you asked for.

Situations may arise in which there’s a need to compare Lifetime Foundation to low-cost death benefit or life expectancy IUL products. With this update, a new, cash value target solve option has been added to allow you to illustrate Lifetime Foundation in these scenarios. To learn more about this latest illustration update and what it means for you, we encourage you to view this quick presentation.