MetLife: LTC Rider Added to Promise Whole Life Portfolio

LTC Acceleration of Death Benefit Rider added to MetLife Promise Whole Life Portfolio:
Licensing and Continuing Education Training Requirements

Starting August 31st, MetLife will add the Long Term Care for Acceleration of Death Benefit Rider (LTC ADBR) to all products in the MetLife Promise Whole Life PortfolioSM, except MetLife Promise Whole Life 65SM

Before soliciting or selling this rider, certain requirements must be met. In most states all advisors involved in submitting the application must have the appropriate licenses AND be up to date on their continuing education credits.

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  • MetLife has established an agreement with a continuing education provider, Kaplan Financial Education, to provide the approved LTC Continuing Education at a discounted rate through their website, using “MetCE” as the portal code. The site contains complete instructions for creating a user account and accessing the training. View Kaplan’s training requirements.
  • When you complete the training with Kaplan, MetLife will be notified of your completion; you do not need to submit a CE completion certificate to MetLife.
  • If you do not wish to complete the training with Kaplan and instead elect to use another state-approved provider, you must submit a completion certificate to Corporate Licensing and Registration (CL&R) at, or fax it to (908) 552-2444.

Licensing and Continuing Education Requirements will vary by state. These requirements must be met prior to solicitation of LTC ADBR.

For more information about the LTC ADBR and CE requirements, including licensing and training, contact the sales desk.