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Case Studies

  • The case:

    Joe, a 51 year old male had a heart attack on April 15th, had one stint put in on April 16th, went home that Sunday April 17th.

    He’s on the following medications: Levothryoxine, Aspirin, Brilinta, Metoprolol, and Atorvastin.

    Joe is meeting with his Cardiologist at the end of the month to possible get off blood pressure medication.

    Joe works out all the time and is in great shape, probably 6’0 6’1 170-180 range as far as height and weight.

    We are looking to get a 15 year term with a DB $1,300,000 with an annual premium. 

    Can ISSUE help?

    The offer:

    After 3 months, we were able to get Joe approved for the full $1.3 million with a Table 2 rating from Lincoln Financial.