Special Underwriting Programs

Could your client qualify for a special program?

  • Ashley Jones

    Ashley Jones

    Ashley works at a call center and is getting married soon. Her mother passed away at age 61 from breast cancer, which caused her to take anxiety meds for a short period of time. Since then, her weight has fluctuated. In an effort to live a healthier lifestyle and with her wedding approaching, she recently picked up an exercise routine and lost 20 pounds. 

    Yes! Ashley could qualify for Preferred rates and accelerated underwriting through Securian’s WriteFit program, giving her more time for her healthy, active lifestyle.

  • Bobby Smith

    Bobby Smith

    Bobby is 50 with high cholesterol and is applying for $2,000,000 of permanent life insurance coverage. He sees his doctor regularly and keeps cholesterol in the 280s on medicine. He doesn’t take any other medications and hasn’t changed his meds or dosage in several years. Bobby’s mother is still alive at age 78, while his father passed away from a heart attack when he was 52.

    Yes! Bobby could qualify for Standard rates and accelerated underwriting with many of the carriers above.

  • Deon Turner

    Deon Turner

    Deon is a very active dad of age 45. He is applying for $750,000 of term life insurance to help protect his family. Deon was rated Table 2 based on his build, but has been working on losing weight and eating healthier so his vitals have remained under control. His cholesterol ratio is 4.5 and his average blood pressure is 125/80, for which he has never had to be treated. Deon has never smoked any form of tobacco in his life.

    Yes! Deon could be bumped up from T2 with American National Life Insurance Company and others.

These are hypothetical examples for illustration purposes only.
Actual experience may differ depending on individual circumstance.